“Our Spirit" - new strategic vision

Simba Dickie Group develops a new strategic vision, laying the foundation for the future success.

Founded as Simba Toys on 1 May 1982, the family-owned company Simba Dickie Group is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the third generation of management at the helm. Florian Sieber took over as the new CEO of the toy manufacturer one year ago, on 1 May 2021. He is now ready to present “Our Spirit”, the new strategic vision of the internationally active group of companies, which has been developed by the management team over the past few months.

The “Our Spirit” vision is presented with the symbol of a cube, which stands for clear structures, safety, simplicity, stability and durability. Florian Sieber delivered his message to the company’s 3000 global employees via a video and the cube symbol. “Our worldwide team is our most important asset. As an attractive employer, we will continue to foster a company culture that offers an open-door mindset, respect and fairness. Communicating our goals and strategies to our employees is essential in order to ensure the company’s continued success, especially in these challenging times. In addition to working together to develop new ideas, we also want our employees to engage in controversial discussions.”  

“Our Spirit" - new strategic vision

The new vision, which is the result of intense discussions within the management team, is summarised by Florian Sieber as follows: “We want to play an essential role in everyone’s childhood – being the most passionate family owned toy company. That’s our vision! We are a strong international team, and develop a wide range of wonderful toys with a great deal of passion and skill. We are and want to remain a family-owned business.”

In order to achieve this vision, the Simba Dickie Group has set itself a clear and strong mission: “We love to make toys that inspire children’s imagination and creativity – building wonderful memories that last forever! We aim to fulfil our responsibility as a toy manufacturer, creating toys that support children's development in a positive way. With our toys, children become creative and experience many precious moments, allowing us to play an essential role in everyone's childhood.”

“Our Spirit" - new strategic vision

To this end, the team has developed and communicated strong principles and values that will serve as important guidelines. In addition, Simba Dickie Group plans to place more focus on the consumer. “We see the trade as a strong partner, and want to work more intensively on building and maintaining our brands”, said Florian Sieber. In order to achieve this, we want to place the children and families that use our products at the centre of our thinking. Ultimately, this involves the entire value chain, from product development and communication to where we sell our products. It is important to stress that all of our measures and targets are aimed at supporting our trading relationships.”

There are also five other principles that will characterise the future development of the Simba Dickie Group and act as a framework for the company – simple structures, a people-oriented approach, sustainable success, integrity and diversity.

In addition to trust, an entrepreneurial spirit, passion, teamwork and a down-to-earth mentality, environmental protection will also play a greater role in the company’s decisions. Florian Sieber explained the company’s approach: “We know our responsibilities towards our planet. Our goal is to understand our environmental footprint in all our actions and try to find measures to reduce the negative impacts of our everyday business. We have to ensure that the generations after us also wake up in a green environment.”

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“Our Spirit" - new strategic vision“Our Spirit" - new strategic vision