New generation of directors at the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP

Michael Sieber hands over management to his son Florian Sieber.

A seamless transfer between the generations can only be successful if the reins are handed over at an appropriate time. We’ve set the groundwork in good time and successfully prepared transfer between the generations.

Michael Sieber will retire from his role as CEO of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP at the end of this business year and confidently hand over management of the Group to his son.

Florian Sieber will become the new CEO of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP on 1 May 2021.

Our family-owned company, the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP, grew out of Simba Toys, which Michael Sieber founded with his father, Fritz Sieber, in 1982. He developed it into a successful and international corporate group, for which he has served as CEO. In 2018, Michael Sieber appointed his son, Florian Sieber, as his designated successor and co-CEO of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP, which is now entering its third generation. Further, Florian Sieber has been the Managing Director of the model railway manufacturer Märklin since the summer of 2013.

The directors will then be Florian Sieber, Manfred Duschl and Uwe Weiler.

Michael Sieber will continue to lend his wealth of experience as a partner, thereby providing support and advice should it be needed.

New generation of directors at the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP