Summer, sun and water fun

Everybody has a different idea of the perfect summer: eating ice cream, going on holiday, swimming in the pool, or playing outside. Not only is it fun, but it is also healthy; it strengthens our immune systems, and movement is a boost for the circulation and blood flow. Sunlight also gives us essential vitamin D, which is good for the bones and helps prevent sickness.

The possibilities of playing in the fresh air are endless. Here are a few:

In the garden...

…playing is particularly fun. Parents can keep an eye on their children at all times, and the little ones can play with their favourite toys as and when they like. Lena loves sliding down her Smoby wavy slide. If she wants to cool off a bit when it gets hot, the toy can be changed into a lively water slide in no time thanks to the practical garden hose connection.

It is practical that toys in the garden don’t have to be put away immediately. Once set up, the water channels by BIG Waterplay provide hours of fun, in which small children can also get to know water as an element. They will see how currents appear and how their direction can be changed, and how water can transport items and let them rise or drop.

The three-dimensional “Crossboule” by Zoch, the wooden “Ring Toss” game by Eichhorn, and the classic “Federball” game by Simba Toys offer older ones plenty of variety.

In the neighbourhood….

…little motorists can draw their own BIG-Bobby-Car racetracks with crayons in suitable places. It gets fast-paced when multiple racers compete against one another with remote-controlled vehicles by Dickie Toys and Carson. Onroaders and offroaders are distinguished depending on the all-terrain mobility. With a little practice, exciting stunts can even be performed: on the floor, in water or in the air.

On the playground….

…there is always all sorts going on. Here, children meet each other at all times of the day. Swinging and climbing, they meet lots of new people, and neighbourhood, nursery and school friendships are developed. Parents can also have interesting conversations. With sand toys by Simba Toys and Smoby Toys, and construction vehicles from the BIG-Power-Worker range, the most extraordinary sandcastles can be built. “My favourite thing to do is to take my big yellow digger with me and dig holes,” says five-year-old Lars.

On holiday…

…playing is extremely exciting. It is generally known that foreign countries and other languages are no obstacle for children. The “Squap” catch game by Simba Toys is suitable for all age ranges. It can be taken anywhere and even used in water.

To make sure that the school curriculum doesn’t get completely forgotten during the holidays, schoolchildren can repeat it playfully. With the lovingly designed learning games by Noris-Spiele, reading and maths can be fun – even on holiday. They can also be played anywhere – in the garden, on the beach or in the ice cream parlour!